Island of Mist and Fables

The Isle of Man has no need for Trevi Fountains and tourists clutching three coins: Its spell, despite – or perhaps because of? – the Islands intangibility, is more complex and potent. Many have tried to analyse Ellan Vannin (the Manx-language name) nestled in the Irish Sea, but its very diversity defeats any such exercise….

Hiking the Tablelands

This is our first camping trip together. My husband, Terry, and I have our small tent nestled in a UNESCO world heritage site, Gros Morne National Park, located on the west coast of “The Rock.” Gros Morne is named after Newfoundland’s second highest peak at 2,644-feet (806-meters), a great brooding rock in the Long Range Mountains….


The worst climbing disaster in history was about to unfold… A must read book for any avid adventurer is, Left for Dead: My Journey Home From Everest, by Beck Weathers. This humbling book will take you step-by-step to the summit of Mount Everest, thrilling and terrifying you at every turn of the page. And just when you think the events…

Climbing Gros Morne Mountain

At one moment our feet touched earth’s skeleton, and the next our heads were in the clouds. We found it strangely satisfying to encounter such wide open spaces where even GPS devices often couldn’t help us find our destination. And just when my husband, Terry, and I thought we had seen it all – the…

How I Got Hooked On Travel

My name is Desiree Anstey, and I got hooked on travel at the age of six. It began when my family decided to leave the panoramic vistas and wildlife-rich habitat of South Africa, including the riots and car bombings (the dark reality they don’t show you in the brochures), and immigrate to the Isle of Man – in…